Sitka Sun

Matt Fisher

Long Road Society
Oakland, California


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Sitka Sun is the instrumental project of bassist/arranger Patrick Murphy. In this self-titled debut release, Murphy joined forces with producer and engineer Angelo Peters to create a cohesive album of psychedelic rhythm soundscapes. Recorded in Ithaca, New York, this album release is brought to fruition through collaboration with the Long Road Society record label based in Oakland, California.


Patrick Murphy from Sitka Sun Photo

Sitka Sun takes form as an ensemble here in Oakland, California led by bassist Patrick Murphy. Featuring musicians from the Bay Area and welcoming collaboration with special guests, you can expect to hear the ensemble play live interpretations of the songs from the record with fresh perspective. In addition to these familiar songs, the ensemble plays Murphys' arrangements of new original material. The Sitka Sun Ensemble is a great way to stay up with us and hear the latest sounds, so stay tuned for upcoming shows!

The debut record featured heavy hitting players from the afrobeat ensemble Big Mean Sound Machine. Each musician played a vital role in crafting the sound and imagery of the music, so be sure to check our Community section for links to their respective musical projects.


With great respect to our community of musicians, artists, and friends, we invite and encourage you to explore everyone’s story. Here’s a collection of honorable mentions of the large community at play.


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